How To Lay Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass installation has been a growing alternative to natural lawns. With the increasing extremity in weather cycles, upkeep on natural grass has been difficult. From years of drought and water restrictions to more recent monsoon-like rain periods. Especially for the Sydney and Illawarra region which have been battered by these extreme weather patterns.

How to install artificial grass has become a popular topic. Whilst some people may attempt to DIY their synthetic grass project. We highly recommend leaving it up to the professionals to ensure the best artificial grass for your home or project. It is even more important for more difficult projects such as installing artificial grass around pools, schools and backyards.

Why Go With The Experts On Synthetic Grass Installation?

There is a large amount of skill and expertise required for your artificial turf installation to look natural. Whilst needing specialised tools, it is also time-consuming and extremely important to follow the installation steps properly. Otherwise, you will end up with a very poor result. That’s why we trust our landscapers in supply and installation to do the perfect job for you.

At Grass World, we pride ourselves on high-quality installation and customer service. We take care of all the surplus material which needs to be excavated and levelled to gain the required drainage. We supply the astro turf, debris removal, sprinkler capping, infill, and labour necessary for a proper installation. Cleanup is included in our cost, including includes all existing materials that need to be removed.

Artificial Grass Illawarra

Our refined 6 step process ensures that our customers get the best quality synthetic grass installation you can get.

  1. EXCAVATE – Excavate on average 50mm grass to remove any vegetation.
  2. SCULPT – Sculpt the sub-base in order to gain the required fall and drainage
  3. CAP – Cap area to an average of 50mm and lay metal dust
  4. LAY ARTIFICIAL TURF – Lay grass using 400mm backing tape and industrial solvent-based adhesive to join seam
  5. PICK UP – Pick up synthetic residue with a power broom. This will assist the turf blades in standing straight up to make your new artificial lawn look like freshly mowed grass.
  6. TOP DRESS – Finish off the installation with high-quality river sand, spreading it evenly across all surfaces.

So if you’ve decided to leave the artificial grass installation to the experts, there are 3 simple steps to follow below.

1. Request a free consultation

Check availability for a free consultation in your area (Sydney Metro and Illawarra Region) using the contact form here.

2. Get our expert recommendations & measure to fit

We help you choose the best artificial grass option based on your budget, home and needs. Measure your space and offer you a quote based on your product selection.

3. Enjoy full-service installation

When you’re ready to move forward with your artificial grass installation, we’ll schedule a convenient date and then you’ll be in the hands of the artificial grass Sydney experts.

If you have any additional questions or queries please contact us on 0447 987 633.