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Artificial Grass Illawarra Installation Experts

synthetic grass wollongong

Artificial grass is a growing alternative to natural grass in the Illawarra region. With the increase in rain, upkeep on natural grass has been difficult. Not only is the grass growing extremely quick, but rainwater has also been pooling with the surface being has been too wet and boggy to get on with a lawn…

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How To Lay Synthetic Grass

Artificial Grass Illawarra

Artificial grass installation has been a growing alternative to natural lawns. With the increasing extremity in weather cycles, upkeep on natural grass has been difficult. From years of drought and water restrictions to more recent monsoon-like rain periods. Especially for the Sydney and Illawarra region which have been battered by these extreme weather patterns. How…

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Artificial Grass Vs Real Grass Article

Why Artificial Grass can be a Great Option? The world we live in today has changed; many of us simply work to live. We are time poor and rush from one thing to another. Many of us want instant gratification and this is no more obvious than when it comes to our outdoor areas. Let’s…

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