Artificial Grass Vs Real Grass Article

Why Artificial Grass can be a Great Option?

The world we live in today has changed; many of us simply work to live. We are time poor and rush from one thing to another. Many of us want instant gratification and this is no more obvious than when it comes to our outdoor areas. Let’s look at reasons why laying artificial grass can be the way to go.

A Time Poor Solution

There is no question that a natural, green, manicured and mowed lawn is a sight to behold. However, the time and effort it takes to keeping it looking “a million dollars”, is substantial. To make things even more difficult is the fact that our climate is changing and drought is common in many parts of Australia.

As a result, the need to use your own water increases, as does your water bill. In contrast, artificial grass, as sold and laid at Grassworld needs no water and very little maintenance. Also consider where you intend to lay the grass. If it will be in a high traffic area, then natural grass will decline over time.

This requires constant maintenance to keep it looking great. This is not the case with artificial grass, which will still look new, despite the BBQs, family and kid’s parties that it will be subjected to over time. In addition, pets who love to find their favourite spot to “pee” will burn natural grass but will only need a quick hose with the artificial variety.


The eco-friendliness of artificial grass to real grass has created plenty of discussion over the years. Many of the artificial grasses today are now recyclable, which was often a point of conjecture. However what cannot be argued is that natural grass requires fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers to keep it healthy, which are toxic to both humans and especially pets.

This is not the case with artificial grass, which is toxic free and therefore much more eco friendly. It is also a great option for people that are allergic to grass pollens. In the USA alone, some 19.1 million people are allergic to grass.


A massive advantage that artificial grass has over real grass is its flexibility; it can be laid absolutely anywhere. Areas where you can’t lay real grass like patios, balconies, pathways and play ground areas can easily be transformed with artificial grass.


There is no question that the cost of installing artificial grass is significantly more expensive than laying real turf. The stats we have at hand suggest that real grass at around $28 per square metre is only a fraction of the price of artificial grass.

However, factor in that our artificial grass can be expected to last more than 25 years, with no extra cost. Compare it to natural turf, which will need to be replaced and maintained over the same period. Even over a 12 month period, the cost for basic maintenance could be up to $1000 a year. Therefore long term, artificial grass will end up a lot cheaper!

Improved Quality

Artificial grass over the years has really improved. It must be remembered that its beginnings were as Astro Turf, which was a sporting surface, that although flat and true, was incredibly hard and resulted in many injuries. However since those early days back in the 1960’s the look of artificial grass today is incredible.

Depending on the look you want to present, there are numerous blade lengths to choose from. Do you want your guests to think that they are sitting at the “19th hole” on a fabulous golf course? You can have that! Perhaps you would rather have that thick lush carpet look?

You can have that too! The way you can change the texture is due to the implementation of variegated strands. As a bonus, “green isn’t green”; there are a number of colours and shades you can also choose from.

Life Span

As mentioned previously in this blog, life expectancy of artificial grass is over 25 years. The longevity therefore, is amazing. When you factor in that the only things you would need to do to it in that time, is a hose with some soapy water should it get stained and a brush “against the grain” to get the blades standing up again. This is done to retain that fluffy look. Compare that to keeping natural grass looking great for the same period and the costs and time taken would be mind boggling.

In conclusion, artificial grass isn’t for everyone; however for those who are time poor and want that “stand out” instant look with little to no maintenance, then this a great alternative to natural lawn. Sure the initial cost is far greater but over its lifespan, the value for money is superior to real grass.