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Artificial grass is a growing alternative to natural grass in the Illawarra region. With the increase in rain, upkeep on natural grass has been difficult. Not only is the grass growing extremely quick, but rainwater has also been pooling with the surface being has been too wet and boggy to get on with a lawn mower.

Many don’t know where to start with a synthetic grass installation and it’s for a good reason. It is extremely difficult to make it look natural. Specialised tools and experience are required, especially in the Illawarra region with varying topographies. Between the escarpment and the coast, there is a wide variety of soil types and elevations. It’s extremely important to get your drainage right. Using the correct sand for artificial grass is also key.

To find out more about our synthetic grass installation process head to the link below.

How To Lay Synthetic Grass.

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So that’s why we trust our landscapers, who are experienced in this region, in supply and installation to do the perfect job for you. At Grass World, we pride ourselves on high-quality installation and customer service. So if you’re looking for synthetic grass Wollongong installation experts, you’ve come to the right place. There are these 3 simple steps to follow below.

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We help you choose the best artificial grass option based on your budget, home and needs. Measure your space and offer you an artificial grass price based on your product selection.

3. Enjoy full-service installation

When you’re ready to move forward with your artificial grass installation, we’ll schedule a convenient date and then you’ll be in the hands of the artificial grass Sydney experts.

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Artificial Grass Illawarra Installation